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I took my first stained glass class in the mid 90s. I had just bought my first house, which had painted "stained" glass in the loft windows. I decided I would learn stained glass so I could put some REAL stained glass panels in those windows. After stumbling through the first class, I was stymied by how messy the process is, and the fact that it utilizes some elements which, if not respected properly, are poisonous and/or painful, (lead, various noxious chemicals, not to mention constantly having invisible shards of glass imbedded in my fingertips). This put me off for a while, several years, in fact, but I could never stop thinking about it, looking for it, appreciating it.

Then I created my first original design: Sam - the tan puppy in the bright red frame.(Bottom left, next to the fish.) I literally gave blood, sweat, and tears to bring him to life. But, I was permanently hooked. I found that I preferred creating my own designs over making panels from someone else's patterns.

Glass is a Zen thing, like listening to music - you are transported away from the daily routine, to a place where hours go by like minutes. I have never found any greater sense of satisfaction than contemplating a newly completed piece. Except now that I'm selling my work, the satisfaction of a happy customer is even more gratifying!

Ive always been an animal lover, and it just seemed obvious to me to depict animals in this medium. Each panel I do is a joy and an ode to the creatures that enrich our lives by giving us unconditional love and companionship.

Did I ever make panels for the loft windows? Nope. But this is working out much better. Even with constantly having invisible shards of glass imbedded in my fingertips.

hbar2a (7K)

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